The Dismissal Of Harry Redknapp

His cheeks were puffed out by Harry Redknapp in a way that indicated he wondered why he bothered. Just out of his hands, that issue was taken under two hours following the final whistle. Birmingham, perhaps spooked from the hugely uncomfortable scrape of last season when they allowed Gianfranco Zola’s tenure to drift to within a hair of relegation (that Redknapp rescued them from), determined six defeats in a row and being second-bottom of this Championship just wouldn’t do. It is bad news for the Blues fan who got a tattoo of Redknapp leaning from a car window, although anybody who does that has problems.

Before the match, the screens showed a movie welcoming Birmingham’s six summer signings. That is the six who came at the transfer window’s hours, linking the eight who had joined. That those six hadn’t played in front of their home fans only served to emphasize the illogical line of thinking of the club: why allow a manager sign 14 players show him? It’s like asking someone to decorate your home because the paint hasn’t dried in 20 minutes, but eliminating them. “I can not ever thank him enough for rescuing us [last season] but it is time to proceed,” the Birmingham manager Xuandong Ren tweeted on Sunday morning. “It was not a rash decision and it was not a simple one at all.” Or even this one shudders to believe a hurry.  agen sbobet terpercaya

There was relief last year after the Trillion Trophy Asia group wafted away the whisps of Carson Yeung’s possession but blood on top hasn’t bought anything. In the 11 months since they took control they’ve sacked Gary Rowett for reasons, let Zola last for too long and ignored in what can be regarded as a panic move Redknapp. You could give them the benefit of the doubt if there was any indication of a strategy, a line of thinking. But that’s not evident. Harry Redknapp sacked after 13 matches by Birmingham City Harry Redknapp has lost his job after 13 games in charge Birmingham seems like a Group of people pointing fingers. It’s definitely the fault of someone but it isn’t mine.

The dismissal of Redknapp was announced 50 minutes following the conclusion of his press conference, during which he talked to the press for 13 minutes. The sole concession to the outlandish idea that it might also be at least partially his fault was when he said: “I take the blame, do not I? That’s how the game is.” Hardly the mea culpa from a person not shy of claiming credit when things do go. He explained with a shrug. Complaints were scattered in. In spite of these 14 arrivals, he wanted to bemoan the failure to signal the wall of flesh, Jordan Hugill at a shirt that scored the second of Preston. The explanation that he “needed to play with a right-back in left-back” was jeopardized by the existence of Cohen Bramall on the seat.

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