Messi is extremely fit and is actually excited about this World Cup

Reporters at pre-match press conferences frequently ask coaches to disclose their teams but seldom anticipate a response.On the other hand, the 58-year-old Argentine, that has been connected with Chelsea, isn't like most directors, however, and he stunned the Spartak Stadium's packed media space by picking up a sheet of newspaper and rattling off the 11 titles to confront Iceland now (2pm, reside on RTÉ2).The important name wasn't Messi, but it had been Meza, Maximiliano Meza."Meza was the man we were looking for since he gives us flexibility and he lets us regain the ball," explained Sampaoli, that has been in control of this two-time World Cup champions to get a year following successful stints with Chile and Sevilla. He may not be involved in numerous elite matches but he actually knows what Nordic football signifies."And the reply to this, based on Sampaoli, is straightforward: allow Leo do his thing. This has led several Argentine pundits to indicate that this is Messi's staff in every way.Sampaoli has almost admitted that previously, however in Moscow on Fridayhe strove to describe what he intended."It is correct that the trainer organises the group - we understand how to set up teams to locate scenarios," he explained. "However, in case you've got a player like Messi, the trainer's job is to organize the staff . This will make great sense to anyone who has seen that the 30-year-old orchestrating affairs for Barca, but he's found it more difficult to lift Argentina to the very same heights and some think that this is his final opportunity to emulate the guy he's often benchmarked against in home, maybe not Cristiano Ronaldo however Diego Maradona.Sampaoli rejected this belief, however, stating the celebrity has more in the tank."Messi is extremely fit and is actually excited about this World Cup," he explained. "He is expecting to attain his dream and he is very skilled. He shouldn't be under stress since he makes people quite pleased with his match."And I really don't believe this ought to be his final World Cup, perhaps not with his abilities and the professional way he performs. He must be the person who decides that - he is a genius" agen judi bola

A genius with a nice supporting cast. Sampaoli denied naming his group so early revealed a lack of admiration for Iceland, who he said could be streamlined, tough and fast to counter-attack, he simply didn't find the requirement"to conceal it".Iceland, naturally, is a country with the smallest people to achieve the World Cup and they'll be making their debut this phase. "Argentinians are extremely demanding in soccer, we all know that," explained Sampaoli. "I know precisely what I had been sporting in 1986 (if Maradona motivated the group to glory) but that I do not recall what I had been sporting last month. We're a nation that places everything into soccer and I am convinced we will have 40 million people after us "Along with Hallgrimsson and his team have a"headache" before this game, with each player in the group eager to handle the two-time world champions.He advised a pre-match media conference:"Everybody would like to playwith. Here is the biggest match in the history of Icelandic soccer and it is a hassle that our coaching team must operate on."In an attempt to stop questions about his other occupation, Hallgrimsson added:"I'm a dental practitioner and I won't ever quit being a dentist"Hallgrimsson reported the bid to maintain Messi at bay is going to be a group effort.He added:"Seeing Messi, I do not have a magical formula. Everyone has tried everything and he consistently manages to score."He's among the greatest players on earth. We will (play him) like what we do, we will do it collectively. We are going to help each other and attempt to get it done as a team. I have stated it'd be unfair to provide a participant the part of indicating Messi, that wouldn't be fair." The 51-year-old refused the belief that Iceland's recent increase was miraculous.Hallgrimsson:"We do not think that it's a wonder. It is really very good work in the FA, the team round the group and especially the gamers. No team could win football games without great players."It is down to understanding your weaknesses and strengths and enjoying in accordance with them."I understand that we're likely different from a number of different teams in the World Cup finals. We play a different kind of soccer."However, I believe we show that in the event you work together as a single unit as we've done, anything is attainable. It's no surprise and if someone is surprised afterward they simply don't know a lot about the Icelandic national group."

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