France on to VAR Goal Decision

Antoine Griezmann was operating through on goal until he was apparently captured on the heels since he entered the playground by Josh Risdon's outstretched leg.Originally the referee Andres Cunha allowed play to continue until he abruptly stopped the game after having a alert within his ear when he  […]

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Heimir Hallgrimsson will lead Iceland at its first ever World Cup

From the space, a plume of smoke rose in the eastern side of the staircase. In the time Iceland's present trainer, Heimir Hallgrimsson, was only 5 years old. He also followed his loved ones on board among countless fishing trawlers that offer an escape route, the majority of that were there simply  […]

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Messi is extremely fit and is actually excited about this World Cup

Reporters at pre-match press conferences frequently ask coaches to disclose their teams but seldom anticipate a response.On the other hand, the 58-year-old Argentine, that has been connected with Chelsea, isn't like most directors, however, and he stunned the Spartak Stadium's packed media space by  […]

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